Motorcycle Advice For Women from Customers

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1 Always wear Sunscreen!

2.Familiarize Yourself with Your Bike. Whichever bike you choose, make sure you're familiar with all of its parts and functions.

3. Ride Comfortably – Whatever bike you choose, it's imperative that you're comfortable on it. This sounds easy enough, but a lot of women ignore this.

4.Prioritize comfort The first and foremost thing for a rider is to check for comfort. Riding at your comfort level is very crucial even if you are an experienced rider.

5. Always ride with the sun. Long distance trips usually mean riding for more than 300 or 500 kilometers depending on what you are comfortable covering in a day.

6. Protective clothing. In Bangladesh, most women wear saris or kameezes. But if you are opting to ride a motorcycle, then you need to wear protective clothing.

 7. Avoid Loose Clothing. There are several clothing options available for female riders while riding a motorcycle. It is one of the main things to consider.

8. Get Some Training ...Take a class

9. Invest in Protective Women’s Riding Gear 

10. Always Ride Your Own Ride

11. Find a Moto Mentor

12. Buy the right bike.

13. Familiarize yourself with your bike

14. Get the right gear

14. Develop a pre-ride inspection

15. Practice in a safe environment

16. Become a defensive rider

17. Seek out other women riders

18. Join a club

19. Practice makes perfect

20. Take your time

21. Bring eye drops

22. Spare Key!

23.Emergency I-D card....Medical info

24. Tylenol, allergy meds

25. Energy Bar

26. Electrolytes

27. Bike tools

28. Zip-Ties